Pregnancy Miracle Review – what I think

Hi Serena here – this is my honest review of what I thought about Pregnancy Miracle.

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This program is a holistic (ie whole body) approach to overcoming infertility and successfully conceiving. It is a very detailed, comprehensive guide combining both eastern and western medicine.

Who is it for? Pregnancy Miracle has been written by Lisa Olson following her own journey from infertility through years of research to finding the ‘formula’ for successfully conceiving. There is a special chapter dedicated to conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids etc. So whether you have one of these conditions or you are in your late thirties, early forties, following the program will help you to get pregnant.

As the program is holistic, it covers the lifestyle changes you need to make, the foods and herbs to take to promote the best environment for conceiving as well as the things you must avoid if you want to get pregnant. It teaches you how to become aware of the signals your body is giving you and how to become aware of the positive changes in your body as you follow the program.

[The tip I found useful on my own personal journey was when mid month I would feel pain -almost like period pain – and would want to curl up on the sofa and do very little. This is in fact the prime time to be conceiving and therefore taking action!!]

The program is well written and easy to follow, taking you by the hand through the five step plan to enable you to get pregnant within a few months even after years of trying.

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There is a special section on excerises to perform to improve fertility and the program usefully includes a 4 step plan to overcome male infertility.

Cons? As I said, this is my honest review and one thing I found slightly overwhelming was the detail of the Chinese herbs. This is possibly unnecessarily detailed as you’d likely be going to a herbalist. However if you are the kind of person who wants all the detailed information, then it’s not a problem.

If you do find that the program is not for you, for any reason, they do offer a Money back guarantee.

However, if you commit to making the lifestyle changes recommended and follow the 5 step plan, there is no reason why you can’t be pregnant within a few months.

Conclusion: After reading a lot of books on this subject, this is the one that I recommend.

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